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Curiosity is defined as the strong desire to know or learn something new.  

Since research also indicates that curiosity promotes the cognitive process and leads to a greater capacity for personal development through openness to new experiences, then curiosity must also have the power to diminish conflict and promote development. 

If you can approach people and the world from a place of true curiosity, defenses, biases, and conflict are disarmed, and productive conversations towards development and growth become possible. When you use curiosity to truly seek to understand another person's beliefs, then you can authentically examine your own assumptions and opinions. If you are genuinely curious, then you are truly listening and can then decide if you will stick to your beliefs or shift your convictions.  


The Curiosity Project is built on a belief that when the world is explored through curiosity with authentic human connection the world becomes a better place for all. When you add empowering service and intentional projects true depth and meaning is created, causing not only a memorable, life altering travel experience but one that benefits everyone involved. We believe our curiosity can truly make the world a better place and inspire others to take action for good as well.   

The Curiosity Project  team is made up of current and former international humanitarian aid workers, health care professionals and former executives who have been to every corner of the globe generating connections that transform lives.  They have spent decades in the field, on the ground promoting peace, bringing health, creating projects, and most importantly building incredibly authentic human relationships. 

It’s the people that make The Curiosity Project meaningful, fun, and exclusive. We shine a light on a world that is usually left only for aid workers and documentary film makers to see. This is an opportunity to be part of some life changing work while at the same time enjoying all the comforts, beauty and fun a location has to offer. 

Medical Service Trip Eswatini May 28 - June 10 2020. Medical and non-medical volunteers welcome!

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Positively impact the world through curiosity, connection and contribution. 

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